I'm an Open Studio Member. How can I get feedback on my playing?

There are several ways you can get feedback on your playing from your fellow members and our instructors.

All members can take advantage of these feedback opportunities:

  • Often, in our weekly Mentor Sessions, we host Office Hours where you can ask a question.
    • We host Mentor Sessions every Friday at 2pm ET. Members, click here to see the upcoming schedule on your dashboard.

Open Studio Pro Members can take advantage of all the above opportunities AND:

  • Many OSPro sessions end with a Q&A from our instructors via chat.

  • You can always tag an instructor in a video of your performance in the "Share Your Playing" space in Open Studio Pro.

  • Some examples of individual feedback:

    Monthly, Adam will host a Feedback Friday in the Technique Club session where attendees can perform and get honest feedback from Adam.

    • Additionally, when you attend a Chris Parks session, you'll have an opportunity to play for the whole class basically every session. His classes are pretty interactive!

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