Are these lessons the right level for me?

At Open Studio, we offer courses from Novice/Level 1 through Advanced/Level 4. Sometimes, lessons within a course can span between difficulty levels.  In general, the legend below can be used to navigate our course levels:

LEVEL 1 (novice)

  • You can play the instrument at a basic level, or in another genre
  • You may not be able to read music or chord charts
  • You aren't familiar with jazz concepts or terms

LEVEL 2 (beginner)

  • You can play the instrument but maybe not improvising yet
  • You may be able to read some music, charts or lead sheets

LEVEL 3 (intermediate)

  • Well on your way to mastery, and looking for new ideas with improvisation and high-level concepts

LEVEL 4 (advanced)

  • You have mastered your instrument, but you're looking for new inspiration in advanced improvisational techniques

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