What order should I take the piano courses?

While our piano courses aren't all necessarily sequential, you can approach them by skill level. Don't be afraid to take steps backward to revisit a skill or concept for mastery.

Jazz Piano Jump-Start - Peter Martin and Adam Maness
Jazz Piano for Beginners - Peter Martin
Jazz Chords for Beginners - Adam Maness
Bebop Enclosures for Beginners - Adam Maness

Elements of Jazz Piano - Peter Martin and Adam Maness
Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 1: Lead Sheet Breakdown - Adam Maness
Jazz Piano Basics | Vol. 2: Left-Hand Voicings - Adam Maness
Brazilian Jazz Piano Helio Alves
Piano Finger Independence - Adam Maness
Thoughts and Experiments with Solo Piano - Fred Hersch
Triad Pairs Bootcamp - Adam Maness
Block Chords Made Easy - Adam Maness
Pentatonics and Playing Out - Adam Maness
Magic Voicing System - Adam Maness

The Jazz Piano Method Peter Martin
Keez to Jazz Piano - Geoffrey Keezer
Advanced Jazz Piano Concepts - Geoffrey Keezer
Elements of Solo Piano Geoffrey Keezer

All Levels
Jazz Glossary - Adam Maness
Jazz Piano Technique - Peter Martin and Adam Maness
5-Minute Ear Training - Adam Maness

Rhythm Section
Rhythm Section Fundamentals - Peter Martin Trio
Brazilian Rhythm Section BRS Quartet
Rhythm Section Workout- Peter Martin Trio

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