How do I navigate through a course?

Getting to Your Courses

  • Once logged in, you can easily get to your courses by clicking "PRODUCTS" in the upper right corner.

Course Contents

  • The left side of the course displays all of the contents of the course, broken down by sections. 
  • On mobile, click on the arrow next to the course title to open up the Course Contents.

Progressing Through Course

  • When you are ready to go to the next lesson (or section), simply click on "Continue" on the lower right corner of the lesson and you will be taken to the next lesson or section.

  • Alternatively, use the Course Contents section to navigate.

Completed Lessons

To make it easy for you to keep track of your progress through a course, you can mark a lesson as "Completed" so at a glance you know where to start again.

  • Once you are done with a lesson, you can now mark lessons as "Completed" directly from within the lesson 
  • It then shows up in the course table of contents as complete

  • You can always deselect the "Complete" status.

Let us know what questions you have!

Happy practicing.

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