What tunes does Christian McBride cover in the "Your Sound Is Your Signature" course

Christian covers a white breadth of songs in his 2nd course "Your Sound is Your Signature".

  • Bebop 
  • Body and Soul*
  • I Thought About You
  • Just One of Those Things*
  • Lover* 
  • Polkadots & Moonbeams*
  • In the Shade of the Cedar Tree (McBride)
  • Stick and Move (McBride)
  • Tenderly
  • The Girl From Ipanema 
  • The Wizard of Montara (McBride)
  • Used Ta Could (McBride)

(*indicates that it was not covered in depth, but was played and used as example)

From ‘Listening Sessions’:

  • Lined with a Groove (Ray Brown/Milt Jackson)
  • One of a Kind (V.S.O.P.)

From Electric lesson:

  • A Call for All Demons (The Philadelphia Experiment)
  • Deeper Than You Think (George Benson)
  • Every Breath You Take (Sting)

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