All-Access Pass FAQ

What is the All-Access Pass?

The All-Access Pass gives you access to ALL OF THE COURSES at Open Studio. It's a great opportunity for you to see which course is the best fit for you.  

Will I get access to all courses that are released after I purchase an All-Access Pass?

Yes! You will get access to all available courses and new courses that are released after you purchase an All-Access Pass.

What is the difference between the All-Access Pass and purchasing a Single Course?

The All-Access Pass is a great way for you to check out all of the courses to find the perfect fit for your skill level and interest without paying for a full course. You pay with a recurring monthly (or yearly) payment. When you choose to purchase as Single Course, you have access to that one course for lifetime and you get some added benefits of the following:

Having streaming access to the course forever without paying any more

  • Downloadable audio versions of each lesson to listen to offline (You will also receive access to this with the All-Access Yearly Membership)
  • Printable workbooks (where applicable) (You will also receive access to this with the All-Access Yearly Membership)

What if I want to get a Single Course too?

Great idea. One of the benefits to the All-Access Pass membership is you can essentially sample all of the courses. If there is a course you want to have forever, simply purchase the Single Course option and you will have even more access to the content via the downloadable audio versions of each lesson and other downloadables. You will also get access to these extra features with the All-Access Yearly Membership

Can I upgrade from a monthly All-Access Pass to a yearly one and save money?

You bet! Just sent follow these steps and we will apply a refund to your yearly pass equal to the most recent month's payment.

  1. Cancel your monthly membership
  2. Purchase your yearly All-Access Pass 
  3. Send us an email at and we will refund your most recent month

Will I get automatically charged?

You will be charged on the date of your initial subscription, and then automatically charged either monthly or annually for your All-Access Pass at the then-current annual rate until you cancel (no refunds issued for partial subscription periods).

Is there a limit to how many courses I can access with an All-Access Pass?

No! With the All-Access Pass, you’ll have access to all courses until you cancel.

Is there a limit to how many times I can watch a course?

You can watch every course as many times as you'd like as long as your All-Access Pass subscription is active.

Can I still access courses that I purchased individually? 

You’ll continue to have unlimited access to every course you had purchased individually.

Can I cancel automatic renewal of my All-Access Pass?

Yes! You can cancel anytime by following

When does my All-Access Pass expire?

Your All-Access Pass will expire when you cancel.

How can I renew my subscription to All-Access Pass?

You don’t have to do a thing! Your annual pass is set to automatically renew. 

How do I cancel my All-Access Pass?

To cancel your All-Access Pass, simply follow the instructions  HERE, or email us at Note that you will have continued access to your All-Access Pass for the duration of the subscription term. Until then, your subscription will be labeled as "Pending Cancelation". 

If I cancel my Annual All-Access Pass subscription, do I get a refund for the rest of the term?

No. You are prepaying for year and will have continued access for the year if you cancel. Paying by the month would give you the ability to stop access on any given month, and stop your subscription payments.