Can I zoom in on parts of the video for a better view?

In iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), there's an option to zoom in any portion of the screen. To use it, do the following:

To enable use of the "Zoom" feature -
- Go to Settings
- Tap General
- Tap Accessibility
- Tap "Zoom"
- Tap the switch to turn on "Zoom"

Once you have zoom enabled, you can use it whenever needed in any app:

- Double-tap the screen with 3 fingers - this toggles "Zoom" on or off.
- When Zoom is on it pops up a window that is a magnified section of part of the screen. You can pan this around by dragging with 3 fingers.
- If you triple-tap 3 fingers while zoom is "On" it will bring up an options menu to allow you to resize the "Zoom" window and change the magnification.
- When you're done, just double-tap with 3 fingers and the display goes back to normal.

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