Can I rewind instantly a few seconds of a lesson?

Yes. When using the Living Notation player when there is notation:

  • To go back (or forward) 5 seconds, use the left or right arrows
  • To go back to the beginning of the bar, use the COMMAND + Left arrow (Mac) or CTRL + Left arrow (PC) 

Here are the full keyboard shortcuts for our two video players:

Living Notation Player

Use these keyboard shortcuts:

Simple Player 

In our Simple Player video player, an instant rewind feature is available by holding the SHIFT key and using the left or right arrows on your keyboard. The video will rewind or advance 10 seconds. If you are viewing on a mobile device, make the video full screen and when you tap on the screen, you should see the instant rewind/advance buttons.

*you can tell if it's a Simple Player if the playbar is orange. 

Below are some more keyboard shortcuts: 

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