What is the difference between the Jazz Piano Method and the All-Access Pass

The Jazz Piano Method membership is an annual membership that has great benefits that are in addition to the the All-Access Pass

  • Peter Martin's Jazz Piano Method - this ongoing advanced jazz piano course has an archive of over 400 lessons with a new lesson posted every week. Each 20-30 minute lesson gives Peter an opportunity to focus on a specific tune or concept. 
  • Priority Lesson Requests - Have a tune or concept you want covered in a lesson? Yearly member requests will be have priority to be produced ahead of other requests.
  • Personalized Help  - Need some help? Have a particular question about a lesson? You can always ask in the Facebook group, but we also now have a special system for you to privately get some quick help, even submit a video or audio. Peter or Adam will do everything we can to keep you on track!
  • Download Audio - Download an audio version of the lesson to listen to on the go. Exclusive Content - curated content, small-scale webinar events, and who-knows-what-else!
  • BONUS: All-Access Pass - Enjoy full access to the entire Open Studio experience thru our new All-Access Pass, included in your Premium membership at no additional cost. Every course on every instrument from every OS artist, all for you to peruse and learn from.

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The All-Access Pass includes all other courses at Open Studio.

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